Do you need an animation? We can put together a team of Illustrator, Animator and Art Director to create any moving image projects possible.

Examples of flat 2D animation

Micro-animations Illustrated by Daniel , Animated by Michail, Art Directed by client

3D modeling and 3D animation

We can model 3D character from any flat illustration, animate it and insert into TV commercial

Explainer animation videos

Or explain any tough topic to your audience in a friendly manner.Illustrated and Art Directed by Bessa, animated by Michail, voiceover by the client.

Choose your illustrator

Our roster includes only reliable illustrators carefully selected for creative commissions


To ensure cost effectiveness and to keep up with the speed of your accounts, we animate straight from vectorsand can deliver files in any standard format including Lottie files.

Choose your Art Director (optional)

Art Direction specifically tailored for animated videos

Hire the whole creative team including account management

...and get the work done in few weeks. Send us your briefing and
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