We accept submissions via form bellow. If you do not have a web site, please insert Minty or Dropbox link containing collection of uploaded artworks.

I. Submit portfolio     II. Create account   III. Verify email

Due to the volume of enquiries regarding representation that we receive, it may take a couple of weeks for us to get back to you. If we don’t, the best thing you can do is to improve your portfolio and try to submit again. As a general rule, we are unable to offer advice or feedback on individual portfolios unless we are interested in further communication to discuss potential representation. Please do not send unsolicited attachments via email, these emails will not be replied to.

II. Create your account and start inviting your clients to work with you

To create your account we will redirect you to our digitalised section with available tools on tasteminty.com Minty is built and owned by Owl Agency.

You can create profile with showcase of your works. You can even build your very own stock of images with licences to resell through our stock, Adobe stock and DPA stock (Deutche Presse Agentur). But most importantly, Minty does have a customer base, who regularly come to hire illustrators for custom assignments.

While agency requires exclusivity and takes 30% cut from collaborations, when you work using Minty platform, you do not sign exclusivity and you keep 90% – 100% of the agreed price for work and 50% of the license value. System automatically offers license renewals to the Art-Buyers and if they do not renew it, you can resell it via stock.

Skip submission to agency and sign up directly on Minty

III. Verify email

Verification links are sometimes in love with spam box. If yours hasn’t arrived into inbox folder, try looking for it in spam box. Good luck! We are looking forward working with you.

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