Nvard is an Armenian graphic artist and illustrator based in Venice. Recognised for her architectural and urban illustrations series, ‘Fragile Concrete’, dedicated to Soviet modernist architecture in Armenia, which gained a nominations for World Illustration Awards in 2019 and Koscatzky Art-Award in 2021, she is passionate about architecture, urbanism, cultural heritage, art, history and politics. Her working process reflects this motivation as she embark on a thorough research journey, delving into the historical and cultural context of each project. This process allows Nvard to understand the details and underlying narratives behind the subject matter, enabling her to create visually compelling and conceptually rich images. Nvard infuse her work with a sense of depth and authenticity, creating illustrations that not only visually engage the audience but also provoke thought and foster a deeper appreciation for the subject matter. It is this relentless pursuit of knowledge, combined with a passion for storytelling through illustration, that fuels Nvard’s creative endeavours and inspires her to push the boundaries of illustration craft using cinematic sceneries and bold colours.

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